Local network using pfsense

Hello, I want to create a network of several virtual machines and configure a pfsense firewall.
I need this for a virtual penetration testing laboratory.
Since the pfsense firewall requires two or more network interfaces to install, I created a second virtual interface according to the instructions:

The network diagram I want to configure is:
sys-net → pfsense ↔ [1-os ↔ 2-os ↔ 3-os]

pfsense network-interface (NET-VM):
xn0 - WAN : IP Static Gateway (sys-net)
xn1 - LAN : IP Static Gateway :

1-os network-interface:
IP Auto QubeOS Gateway :

2-os network-interface:
IP Auto QubeOS Gateway :

3-os network-interface:
IP Auto QubeOS Gateway :

As a result I get:

  1. pfsense has access to the Internet.
  2. 1-os/2-os/3-os without access to the Internet and do not have a network with each other.

What I want to receive:

  1. Connect all three virtual machines into a network.
  2. Be able to isolate any virtual machine from the network and from the Internet using the pfsense firewall.

What am I missing? What am I doing wrong ? Please help, I have no strength anymore.

An example of a local network diagram:

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Try to configure them like this:

I’ve read the documentation.
All my virtual machines that are used in this sechem (HVM), including pfsense (NET-VM).
Therefore, the (iptables) rules are not relevant for them.

To make it clearer to you what I’m talking about, I’m attaching a link to the documentation =) :