Local Network in qubes


i am trying to create a local network in Qubes, so a few qubes can use a central git repo.

For this purpose i created a server and a client qube, with the server being the NetVM of the client. Pinging works fine, but as in this post

i was not able to wget/open a test website i set up on the server due to “no route”. Opening all the ports like described there didn’t help either, but no restart of dom0 was tried.

Is a virtual local network possible within Qubes in a secure way or is it just not designed to do it due to security implications?

Also using rpc seems to only work one way, so that would not work for git if i don’t misunderstand it.

Thanks for your help!

Don’t restart dom0 - it’s almost never needed.
In the case you have outlined, you simply need one rule on the server.
iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 80 -j ACCEPT

Where the server has IP address 10:137.0.X, and you have bound the
webserver to that address (important), then on the client,
http://10:137.0.X is sufficient.

I don’t know what you mean about rpc being one way - qubes-rpc processes
(can) run both ways, and split-git, like split-gpg and split-ssh is
As always, the documentation is helpful: take a look at

Thank you very much unman!

This solved it for me, but i am kinda confused as i thought that i did exactly that when trying. The proposed solution works as a charm.

I will take a look at the DevOps Workflow to learn a thing or to about RPC as i clearly misunterstand it.