Loading of qubes forum stops in the middle

I am browsing the QubesOS forum on fedora38 + Firefox, but after following the link about twice, it stops loading halfway through, like in the video. Perhaps other browsers would not have the problem, but I would like to know if there is a better solution.


I can’t watch the video, it requires an account to view it.

Are you using any Firefox extensions?

No idea what’s happening in the video, but the YouTube age gate can bypassed by going through a libre frontend such as Piped - e.g. on the https://piped.video instance: https://piped.video/watch?v=2oe9B3eZCWo - or by using yt-dlp.

I couldn’t find a service other than Youtube that allows viewing without an account, so I uploaded it to Youtube. Sorry. I do use Firefox extensions: 1password and DeepL. Somehow DeepL might be the cause. I will delete a few and try a few times.

it’s likely deepl breaking the javascript of the forum

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I had been watching with DeepL turned off, but it seems that this extension was interfering and interrupting the loading. This extension is very useful, but it would be better to use it in something else.