Linux Touchpad drivers for T440p

There is a chance hat multiple conflicting drivers for the Touchpad are installed at the same time, I’ll give a rundown of my point of view and problems:
Thinkpad T440p (build in Touchpad + joystick mouse pointers)
Computer boots, touchpad tends to work → using keyboard for a few minuits and touchpad is idle → the next time I touch or click or swipe the mouse pointer acts like a ballerina,
I am not yet sure if it is a driver issue or a hardware short circuit but is not something I can confirm either, all I know is that
A) This never happens in a live except when I update (if I update any live os ie tails or manjaro or anything as long as it has enough space)
B) I have confirmed this is not a jester-rootkit to piss me off by setting up a secure line between me and the update servers+killswitch+kernel and sysctl hardening so its out of the question
I speculate that the default psmouse kernel drivers or i8034 are faulty OR
Like a lot of users from 2019-2022 if seen on forums have conflicting xorg-libinput xorg-evdev xorg-synaptics drivers which I cannot change In qubes because removing one removes most if not all of xorg packages (in total removing 74 packages)
Up untill this point I still haven’t figured out how to edit xorg to setup the touchpad drivers but thats mostly cause that just came to my mind a few hours ago, any other advice would be appreciated

Apparent solution:
on boot install modules:
intel_raplr_msr, intel_rapl_common, intel_pmc_bxt, i2c_i801, i2c_smbus, crc32c_intel and ghash_clmulni_intel

If anyone is looking to cut down on mudules or wanna test and buildin in the kernel try i2c_i801, i2c_smbus, crc32c_intel first (the i2c modules are going hand in hand), smbus and crc are the most obvious contributing factors in this fix and all together I probably gained 10%-20% boost on performance with all those modules so its a good inclusion