Linux Mint in QubesOS

I have installed linux mint 20.3 una as StandaloneVM , I am facing some issues with maximize and minimizing the screen.

alt + f11 will maximize the app window but goes invisible in the workspace area and i can not get the screen back to normal mode.

Can anybody help me ?

can you further describe your problem?

How can I see the StandaloneVM app window if it is not visible in the workspace area, Are there any shortcut keys to see all the apps from all the workspaces ?


alt + tab does not work :worried: , I can only be able to see the AppVM’s not StandaloneVM app window

then screenshot your taskbar*

i just realized this is not normal maximize, it full screen and you can’t see any windows border

Then how to toggle between fullscreen mode to windows border visible mode.

Pressing the same alt + f11 brings back the fullscreen mode to windows borders visible mode but this behaviour is not happening with StandaloneVM window.

In the windows border visible mode i can be able to see atleast how many windows open in all workspaces. But with StandaloneVM this is not working.

does one of there work
alt+f8 (hide window) or alt+f9 (shade window)

Tried it not working

i’m not so good at keyboard shortcut
alt+f10 then alt+gui+end?


Are you saying the full-screen window disappears and you must shutdown the VM?

If you are using Qubes R4.1rc1,2,3, a somewhat recent update caused full-screen to break (I think only on HVMs, such as your Mint install). IIRC it’s a QEMU/stubdom crash. Marmarek has it in his queue to address.