Link protection with (default web-browser) porcupine

In the Qubes OS introdution video:

time: 17:24

The program porcupine has been introduced.

I really like the idea - simple and provides one layer of security.

Who is using it?
Any plans to bring this in standard?
Any alternative solution for “hyperlink-routing”?

Interesting. My own approach is just to use a minimal template that doesn’t have a web browser installed at all for qubes in which I don’t want links to open in a web browser.

Well, up to now I did not have a look into minimal template but your approach looks also doable. Nevertheless, the implementation of this simple tool would make it super simple for all without making the manual work one-by-one.

I am absolute sure that all of us forget sometimes the SHIFT+ctrl.+v when we want to copy something to a different AppVM. For me it is the same with links in i.e. a messenger or private AppVMs which you do not fully trust but accidentally you just click instead of ctrl.+c > shift+ctrl.+c > shift+ctrl.+v > ctrl.+v the link.

Needless to say everyone could implement the small tool into her/his Qubes but I think the implementation effort to bring this into standard is small compare to the benefit and security it brings for Qubes users.

Any Qubes dev opinion on this?

Another approach is documented here:

So whenever I click on a hyperlink I get the Qubes dialog asking me in
which qube to open it.

My choices are:

* dvm-anon (whonix/torbrowser)
* dvm-clearnet (secbrowser)
* app-work-web (firefox, state-full, VPN)
* app-web (secbrowser, state-full, goes through sys-whonix)

* ... or an already running instance of dvm-anon or dvm-clearnet

I am also using this approach to open/view documents in offline
disposable qubes.

It’s quite powerful and the least clicks / key presses to the desired
result, while nothing ever gets just opened.


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For future readers of this thread, SecBrowser has been deprecated.