Libxenlight failed to create new domain 'sys-net'


I recently started getting this error whenever starting a standalone VM. I saw the issue on GitHub, as well as this Reddit post. Unfortunately, none of those solutions work.

If I disable networking in the VM, it will boot and run. I’m trying to get either the networking working again or at the very least getting the ability to connect a USB drive to the VM so I can backup and redo the VM.

Maybe you lack the VT-d.
Try to directly connect the ethernet controller to your “sys-net” qubes (in its settings) and try to start your desired VM.

Thank you for the response. The CPU (i5-5200U) does support VT-d and I can’t seem to disable (or enable) it in the BIOS. The Ethernet controller is listed in devices (on the right side) for sys-net. I removed the controller and restarted sys-net then shut it back down and re-added the Ethernet controller to no avail.

It would be helpful if you could give a little more information about
this standalone. (I’m assuming that the standaloneVM worked fine
before, and that otherwise your Qubes system works as expected.)

What devices are attached?
What is the netvm to which it is attached?
Do other qubes attached to the same netvm boot properly?(If there are
none can you test this.)

Can you identify any changes (configuration or OS updates) that preceded
the error?
Do you see anything in the Qubes logs?

I had/have a similar problem.
I disabled all the appVM that start on startup and I start sys-net manually. Then sys-net starts ok. Some conflict with sys-usb seems to be related.

I wouldn’t call this a solution (and happy to hear comments about implications). But, it works.