Libxenlight failed to create new domain (cannot make domain: -3)


I have Qubes 4.0 and only my dom0 qube is active.
Every time, when I want to start any cube or an standlone VM, I become following error:
“libxenlight failed to create new domain “” see into the log”

The log:
libxl: libxl_create.c:610:libxl_domain_make: domain creation fail: Operation not supported
libxl:libxl_create.c:982:initiate_domain_create: cannot make domain: -3

So why does this happen and how can I fix this.

I would be very grateful to you.

Difficult to say without more information.
Assuming this is a standard install.

Test this - set the work qube with NO NETVM - change this on the Settings page
by setting Networking to “none”. See if you can start that qube.

  1. If you can, see if you can manually start sys-net.
    1.1 If you can’t start sys-net then most likely the problem is with
    sys-net handling your network device - Open Settings for sys-net, go to
    the devices tab, and try the “Configure strict reset” button.
  2. If you cant start the work qube, then there’s something amiss with your
    installation. You’d need to report back on installation errors, and dig
    in to the logs.

Thanks for the solution suggestions, but none of the Qubes is bound to a network qubes, or even directly to the network interface.
So I used the installation USB stick again.
Yes, I must have “overclicked” an error back then:

“Missing Features: HAP/SLAP/EPT/RVI, Interrupt Remapping”

Interrupt Remapping I could read, but what does the rest mean? In the end this is probably the cause, isn’t it?

Those weren’t solutions - they were tests.
You’ve found the explanation - you don’t have EPT which is required for
Qubes. (EPT= Extended Page Tables).

It’s always worth checking the HCL and testing your CPU/ motherboard
capability before trying to install Qubes.