Libreoffice Writer window bigger then my screensize

I am new to Qubes OS (4.1) and love it so far but I have a huge problem with libreoffice. When I create a new document with libreoffice writer in a fedora-qube, the size of the Writer window of is okay.

However, if I save it, close it, an open it again the size of the Writer window is bigger than my actual screensize and I can only see 50% of it. I am also unable to move the window, because I can only see the bottom of it.

Does anyone know this bug already and how to solve it?

Try this: Hold the Alt key, then click-and-drag anywhere on the window. Pull it down until you can see the window’s title bar at the top. Then, maximize the window.

(This is just a quick workaround. I don’t know what’s causing the bug or what the real fix is. I haven’t experienced this myself.)


Thank you! This kind of quick work around is also very much needed, right now! I didn’t know the Alt key trick.

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Qubes OS in dom0 uses XFCE which it is a very bad Desktop Envoronment: it does not remember positions of windows, cannot create them in preconfigured places and state and lacks other basic features and options.

Wrong windows sizes and positions happen all the time in XFCE for me and others. Nothing can be done. You can try semi-abandoned devilspie2 software, but it requires user to code in Lua and even then is not as good and flexible as proper DE (e.g. KDE).

So, let’s hope Qubes OS will eventually return to KDE, especially now, when it is not that heavy and works way better in every aspect than nearly dead XFCE (minor releases ones in 2-4 years).

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I see. Thanks for explaining the background. Then I also hope for KDE or gnome or so.

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You can just press Alt+F10 to maximize the window.


You can also try this:


Thank you. Also very helpful.