Libreoffice starts with windows almost invisible

It starts with windows almost invisible zero in size which need to be resized with the mouse…

yes, had this too back in 4.0 times. Not sure if this still happens on 4.1.
Do you have 4.1 already in use?

Version 4.1RC2.

does this happen in Fedora or in a Debian VM ? Could swear it’s the Debian, which is causing this bug. It won’t happen on a Fedora VM. But maybe I’m wrong…

Fedora 34!


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Worked for me too. So your post should be the solution…


Didn’t work for me but didn’t look too deep into it.

Thanks, it worked. I had to close running libreoffice windows before editing.

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It’s possible to hunt down all of the confingurations or setup Xdefaults but, …
For a more generic alternative, there is a script that will adjust all window sizes within a workspace reference in another forum thread:
(Tips and Tricks - #12 by 1of7)
For example, this will cascade all windows if the command line option ‘cascade’ is selected.
If the script is placed in /usr/local/bin then creating a keybinding Alt-Esc using the command ‘/usr/local/bin/ cascade’ will cascade (omit quotes) all windows in the workspace by hitting Alt-Esc.
Windows can be cascaded, tiled, etc.
Window placement and offsets are all accessible.
Works with xfce, KDE, fwm, gnome, …
Requires xorg, will not work in wayland.