Libremkey and Nitrokey certified devices abandonded

|Subject: |Re: Bad USB intercepted key!|
|From: |“Richard Kolla”|
|Date: |Fri, October 2, 2020 8:26 pm|
|To: ||
|Cc: ||

Hi there,

Unfortunately we are unable to provide direct support for Qubes OS as we
don’t develop it. But there are two things I can gather based on the
output you posted below.

  1. I believe that scdaemon may not be recognizing your Librem Key due
    to possibly being out of date and not include our USB IDs within it.
  2. Also, I would recommend looking into the permissions on your .gnupg
    directory as per the warning in the output you posted below.

Hope those two things helped. Let us know if you need anything else in
the future.


This is hogwash! My Libremkey got intercepted and this guy thinks, I’m stupid. This is nothing new for me. Don’t buy the product it contains Bad USB in the hardware. Yes I know it happen to Yubi too but they recalled them. Yes I can prove it since I have the device!