Librem14 Embedded Contoler Update

Has anyone installed the Embedded Contoler update on their Librem 14 yet?

Yes. You can easily use the Purism EC Tool from Dom0 to flash to the Librem 14’s Embedded Controller. Same command (sudo ./purism_ectool flash_backup /path/to/ec). You just need to use qvm-run --pass-io to copy the EC and the Purism EC Tool into Dom0.

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my recommendation would be: boot a live OS (pure os maybe?..) and do it there, while your qubes is encrypted, and not tainting the dom0.

Fair enough, each to their own. Purism even has their own Live USB image that can be used for flashing the EC to a new build. Blog post here.

In my case I build the Librem EC from source since I’ve modified the keyboard layout slightly (remap Caps Lock to ESC & Right Shift to Caps Lock), so I have to compile from source anyways.

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Followed the steps on the Purism site and upgraded perfectly.