Libreboot now supports X220/X230/T430 Thinkpads!

Well, the latest update to Libreboot brings many new supported computers: Libreboot – Libreboot 20221214 released!

I am using QubesOS on a Coreboot’ed ThinkpadX220. I am curious to flash—now supported—Libreboot to it, and take my OS boot freedom on to the next level.

Anybody else thinking of doing the same: flashing Libreboot to one of the newly-supported boards?

Didn’t they just add all the things they removed, what is the next level you think you are going to reach?

At this point, Libreboot starts to sound like the story of the emperor’s new clothes.

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Admittedly, my understanding of Libreboot and Coreboot are limited. I have installed Coreboot and did the me_cleaner stuff using a raspi on the BIOS chip—al for the sake of getting rid of Intel ME spying on me (no I will not take meds).

I have installed Coreboot back then as Libreboot support for X220 was not there. Now it is here, I can “take it to the next level” and install Libreboot.

Regarding “adding all the things they removed,” I think this is an exaggerated carpet-statement. What do you mean “added ALL THE THINGS” ? Certainly they didn’t add Intel ME back or something.

You can’t use the x220 without ME, you can clean it but not remove it. Don’t know if there are any blobs they can leave out, maybe the mrc binary?

You are going to be running coreboot renamed to libreboot, if you think that will take you to the next level, whatever that means, then install it.

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All that has happened is that Leah has renamed the ‘osboot’ packages to
libreboot. This is incredibly confusing, and damaging to the idea of
Installing it will bring you absolutely nothing over and above
installing coreboot, which you could do for yourself.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

I fully agree, I would even go so fare as saying it’s done deliberately, and it’s misleading. I have a hard time believing they couldn’t know this would lead people to thinking they are installing a product without blobs, and that it’s more open/libre than traditional coreboot. Anywhere else, this would be predatory marketing.

I feel like heads is doing more what originally libreboot was trying to do