LFS in Qubes

This is probably dummy question, but I can’t seem to find an answer/hint.

I’d like to try Linux from scratch in a Qubes VM. For that I’d need empty space, and I just can’t figure out how to provide it inside VM?

Is that even possible?

You can run a standalone qube from cdrom or flashdrive image and install anything you want, like with Windows.

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Thanks for the idea, @balko . I was more like if that is possible using default templates (preferably minimal) for this…

You can make a standalone qube based on fedora minimal template and change anything in it as you want. I know it’s not a LFS, but on the brighter side - a lot of stuff, including Qubes OS repos, will be already working.

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Do you mean, I can provide it with empty, unpartitioned space? How?

Well you will have space the same way when you install Windows in qube. The amount of space is set in qube’s settings.
Furthermore, you can attach any device (see qvm-block) to this qube. It can be an actual partition or a device, or even an any file in any other qube (see losetup).

I need unpartitioned space, not free private storage space (or system).

What is the difference? You can re-partition the /dev/xvd* devices. It does not have to be ext4 or something, e.g. Windows does not use ext4.

Between what and what, I don’t understand. Can you please elaborate?

I don’t understand, sorry. LFS can be build using other Linux distro and I’m trying to provide unpartitioned space in fedora-37-minimal where I’d try to do it. Windows is out of my focus.

From my understanding:

  • if you want to make everything from scratch - you can create an empty standalone VM (not by cloning fedora) and install anything you like, Windows or GNU/Linux or FreeBSD in theory.
  • if you want to use fedora-37-minimal then you already have GNU/Linux installed. And if you want to add unpartitioned space to it, then simply add it using qvm-block attach - any real device or any file via losetup.

So, I also do not understand, maybe somebody else can help you if I am not getting your plan right.