Lenovo X220 i5-2410M

Hello. I checked the hardware compatibility list to see if Lenovo X220 with i5-2410M CPU is supported. While the i5-2520M and i7-2640 CPUs are compatible, I do not see an entry for X220 with i5-2410M CPU.

Anybody running qubes os on a Lenovo X220 i5-2410M? Is that CPU OK for running qubes os?

the i5 2410M does not support VT-d

VT-d is a minimum requirement for QubesOS

Shucks. What a bummer.

Thanks for the reply.

@Plexus I am seeing on the hardware compatibility list there are three laptops with i5-2410M CPUs–however, with red “does not work” column for the IOMMU.

Since these machines are on the hardware compatibility list, does that mean they are “partially” compatible?

The HCL is a user submitted list of what may or may not work on specific hardware combinations. it is intended as a guide to show what is compatible and what does or does not work on a specific machine.

IOMMU/VT-d not being present does not mean QubesOS will not boot - it means QubesOS is not running the minimum requirements on that hardware. In the case of missing VT-d, things like isolation & PCI passthrough are not working as intended. thats something I would advise you avoid.