Lenovo UEFI Bug

I see this is a common bug. My X1 Carbon successfully installs 4.1.2 but loops on disk boot screen or freezes to black screen on reboot. I am unable to enter tty2 as the docs say with (ctlr + alt + f2) to activate mapbs and noexitboot. Hopefully there is a trick here I’m missing that will solve the problem.

When I try Qubes Rescue it says it is unable to find a linux separation then starts looping again.

Is it a problem with the disk? Qubes Version? I am new to this world and bought this specific computer because I was told it was highly compatible with Qubes software. I appreciate any tips that will help me get going.


@Mb01 what generation is your X1 Carbon? The only final solution for these proprietary UEFI bugs - is switching to the opensource coreboot firmware - just like we are doing for AMD Lenovo G505S (btw it’s the latest coreboot-supported laptop without Intel ME / AMD PSP backdoors at all, together with A88XM-E dekstop with A10-6700/A10-6800K) : G505S proprietary UEFI was really buggy and didn’t even have a working IOMMU, but with coreboot+SeaBIOS the same G505S works flawlessly under Qubes. However, only a few versions of X1 Carbon are supported by coreboot. At least you may try UEFI CSM mode and see if it is less buggy there…

Hi thanks for the reply I have a Gen 10.

Sorry I think only Gen 1 is supported by coreboot BIOS, because of boot guard and other obstacles the more recent Gens aren’t supported by coreboot. Not sure who suggested X1 carbon: if a security-conscious person needs to get a new PC for Qubes OS & sensitive stuff, could pick something from a coreboot-supported list for the extra security benefits… I.e. check out this page of Novacustom Laptop with Dasharo coreboot firmware : their NV41 laptop is supported by coreboot and Qubes certified. Although there are other options like G505S I’ve mentioned earlier, they aren’t as new/fast as this NV41

I appreciate the information. I’m upset that it seems like this computer wont work without getting deep into the guts but luckily I can return it. The NV41 looks great and fairly cheap!

Thanks again!

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