Lenovo ThinkPad T480s

For anyone who need it :


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I will try it soon

I just did it thank you again for noticing that :pray:

Thanks you for the recommandation and it did work like a charm

That’s sort of the kick - the “little” ISOs aren’t typically constructed in a way that makes them bootable everywhere, even if directly copied as a disk image. A bootable ISO is already a bit of magic if you look into the spec.

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And no problem, upgrading the BIOS is often overlooked even for “linux” folk. I only took note of your BIOS version since there was a recent Intel advisory that sparked some BIOS updates for various OEMs.

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thanks for the HCL report, and all the above information.

I am planning to buy a t480s since mid 2019 but this issue is still open and I think it has a significant performance impact on the t480s. It is might connected to the issue described here, which has a solution for non-qubes linux here.

The discussion in the github topic indicates that some progress was made in 4.1 but my understanding is that it is still open.

Could you please share your experience regarding performance under high load, battery life, CPU temperature, and other relevant topics? I would highly appreciate it.