Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with totp_maximized_heads

Qubes-HCL-LENOVO-4238W2H-20240519-140011.yml (1.0 KB)
Displayport does not work. I assume it is a “heads” problem or I damaged the hardware while assembling: it worked before flashing heads. I hope this helps somebody. Otherwise everything is fine!

I think it’s a monitor problem, because i use a x230 and a t440p with the same heads version and some monitors work some don’t. How does it look like for you? Just a black screen as if it has no signal or is it trying to connect endlessly without results?

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The monitor just does not find it. Looks like no cable connection et all. I contacted nice people from heads. Indeed, my model comes with dGPU. So, the displayport must be connected to the nvidea nvs 4200 chip. So, I will try a doc station as a simple solution…thank you for the reply!