Lenovo Thinkpad p50, Qubes not booting


after days of searching the internet and trying out things I decided to open this thread here. So I have a Lenovo Thinkpad p50 i7-6820HQ Quadro M2000M, BIOS same as in the HCL. Installation went through without any problems, secure boot disabled, boot order changed etc. After Installation is done and I am prompted to reboot I get stuck at the uefi boot screen where my disk can be seen. I press enter and I get back to the boot screen again and again…nothings booting. So I bootet into rescue mode shell after reading the UEFI troubleshooting page. In boot/ there is a initramfs-5.4.98-1.fc25.qubes.x86_64.img file but no “EFI/BOOT/” or anything like that (also no xen config). However there are some files in mnt/install/repo/EFI/BOOT/. There is BOOTX64.cfg & .efi, in the BOOTX64.cfg noexitboot = 1 and mapbs = 1 (by default). Im really getting stuck here and I already read all the official qubes guides but they are working with files that are not even present in the first place. I was expecting the p50 to work without trouble as outlined in the HCL so thanks in advance for anyone offering help here. Thanks in advance.

try installing in legacy mode if you use 4.0.

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alright I will try that out. Thanks for your answer!

Curious what would happen, if you trying a install from a 4.1-rc2 install medium.
(by the way: I wouldn’t bother with 4.0.4 installations anymore. 4.1 is close to final [im my eyes] and worth to play with)

qubes4-1-0-rc2.iso & it’s key

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will try out, thanks for your answer aswell!

using the very same model and faced no issues during a 4.0.4 install 18 month ago. Even a 4.1-rc1 install went through without any issues. Just the rc2 caused some problems, which hopefully should be gone now.

so the issue was that while installing “legacy only” boot was not enabled. I will still go with 4.1 install as hinted by TheGardener. Thanks to both of you and have a merry christmas :slight_smile:

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