Latest tuxedo infinitybooks

Hello all,

I’ve jumped on the qubes bandwagon and am looking to buy a small but powerful laptop capable of running qubes for many years to come. I’ve got my eye on the TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 14 - Gen8 but it doesn’t appear in the HCL list.

I understand that there are issues with the latest tech (in this case 13th generation intel), I was wondering if anyone had experience running qubes on this particular tuxedo laptop? It’s quite a big purchase for me so I wouldn’t want to make a big mistake.

It seems the previous generation worked fine (if you choose the right kernel though I understand the suspend function doesn’t work).

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I don’t have the InfinityBook, but from a quick cursory look you shouldn’t buy it even if it was on the HCL list and works with Qubes.

It looks like the Tuxedo InfinityBooks don’t even meet HSI 1 and don’t have Boot Guard:

This is really, really poor firmware security.

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Is this not something that Tuxedo updates via patches and/or does the qubes os automatically handle the firmware updates? And are these security warnings not just there because an alternative BIOS is being used that this Linux vendor firmware service doesn’t recognise?

Of course you are more than likely right and I am no expert by any means. It just seems interesting to me because Tuxedo is often touted as a Linux friendly brand so I reckoned they’d be more on top of this kind of thing than most.

You should check if they at least have Boot Guard. I highly doubt they do.

does the qubes os automatically handle the firmware updates?

Qubes handles it via LVFS.