Last Update Broke i3 Status Bar

Hi Qubes Community,

I’m running Qubes 4.2.1 and using the i3 windows manager (installed per the Qubes documentation using i3 and i3-settings-qubes packages) without any problem until today. When I updated Qubes today, I now see the following error in the status bar area and no other i3 status information (e.g., disk space available, batter level, etc.) is shown:

Error: Could not parse JSON (lexical error: invalid character inside string.)

When I first got this error, I had not made any changes to the i3status.conf file. Then, I examined the file, comparing it to the i3 documentation. Everything looked comparable, although I tried to explicitly include an output_format to “i3bar” and “dzen2” and restarted i3 (and even my laptop) without success. Then, I uninstalled and re-installed i3 in Qubes. Again, the error message is still there.

In addition to searching this forum, I did some Internet searches. On the Internet, I came across a few situations when someone had this error, but they seemed to be making changes to the i3status file, which was something that I had not done for 7+ months.

Any suggestions on a fix? I’ve been using Qubes for 7+ months, and it’s truly amazing. I just hope I can fix this error, because I prefer using i3. Any guidance is appreciated.

Somebody reported an issue at qubes-i3status - json invalid · Issue #9094 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub already

Many thanks Marek for your response and the efforts of the entire Qubes Team. :smiley:
From the bug report, I was able to implement a workaround, make a format change to the bar (that wasn’t working in regular i3status.conf file but could be fixed via the qubes-i3status script), and learn a lot in the progress.