Last Brave Browser update broke it

No web pages load in Brave Browser in Fedora 37 .

dnf --showdubplicates list brave-browser to find previous version.
dnf install brave-browser-1.50.119-1 to downgrade.
dnf up --exclude=brave-browser to exclude Brave when updating until a fix is found.


This happened to me yesterday, even the brave homepage would not load. All attempts at opening any page or site resulted in the ah snap error. Not knowing what was causing it, I waited til today and did another update. It has worked since updating again and the update showed to have a newer version.

Hi @MitchJ !

Thank you for updating your post to add the solution/workaround you found!

Even though it seems like a more recent update fixed the problem for good, I’m sure the workaround you provided will be useful to someone if this happens again.

If you’ve got a moment to post the solution part of your post as a new reply, you could mark it as the “solution” (little check mark icon) for the thread, which would make it obvious to future readers that the thread does indeed contain a solution to the issue!

That can’t be done to the first post, only to subsequent replies. Additionally, it is good to know that folks who use the forum via email don’t receive updates when posts are edited after a few minutes, so posting new information as new replies also makes it more accessible to more people :slightly_smiling_face:

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