Last Boot Option Not Remembered (build 20210410)

One minor issue with the version 20210410: The file /etc/default/grub contains the line GRUB_DEFAULT=saved, but not the line GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT=true. So the last menu entry used when booting is not remembered, and the next boot still uses its old default menu entry.

This is easily fixed by entering the missing line into /etc/default/grub and then rebuilding the grub configuration file via the command sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg.


Was this is the case before? I would need to check if something has changed somewhere that I’m not aware.

I don’t know. With my earlier tests I never changed the menu entry selected. But I still have a version from January, and I will test it. Stay tuned …

I checked now with a version Qubes-4.1-20210117-x86_64.iso that I got from @marmarek . There, the behaviour is the same, because the line is missing there, too.

With the current version, QWT 4.1.65 could be installed in both Windows 7 and Windows 10, and it works as with earlier versions of Qubes R4.1, for templates as well as for AppVMs based on them. File copy between the VMs works, network works, and audio works, although somewhat scratchy.

So far, I see only three problems:

  • Windows 10 does not shut down, if the shutdown is started from within the VM (both template and AppVM.) If shutdown from Qubes, a timeout occurs and the VM has to be killed.
  • Graphic resolution is still limited to 2 or 3 values, like described in Testing Windows and QWT in R4.1.
  • For Windows 7, the start button is still missing in seamless mode, and seamless mode is still forgotten on shutdown, even if the registry value was set. After reboot, the registry value has returned to 0.

For this to change, we probably have to wait for a new version of QWT.

No, I am using the R4,1 iso from january and I had to add the line, too that it will safe my boot options.
Has the new iso other packages as available in the current testing repo? Maybe it will be more stable and has a fix for my kernel 5.10+ and network problem, too or is it the same installing the iso from jan. and update ?

@GWeck If u are allowed to share this iso it will be very nice ,that I can try at the weekend, too. Because with the old one I had install problems with partitioning and a few things, too and maybe now it will be work and I can use dual boot again for my windows until qwt is running fine again :slight_smile:
Another point I noticed is that a Windows-10 Ltsc iso has a better performance for the vm’s

thank you very much and stay blessed :slight_smile:

Hi @rasta,

you can get the current iso from Verifying Qubes 4.1 weekly builds, maintained by @fepitre . I checked the one from April 10, but, as I just saw, there is a new one from April 17.

QWT is running just like on the old iso, neither better nor worse. I cannot and will not move to LTSC; even if it has a better performance, I won’t give M$ a $ :wink:

I enabled the testing repositories and installed kernerl-latest, which gave me 5.11.12 after update; it’s
running fine, but I have no Nvidia driver, so I don’t know what happens in this configuration.

Have a nice weekend, and much success!