Keyboard not recognized when resuming after suspend

Hi there,

I just achieve, thanks to the great support you can get on this forum, to fix the suspend problem I had with my Dell XPS 13.

@BenT and @ChrisA were of great and precise support !

Unfortunately, when I’ve been able to resume my session, I face a new difficulty : when the ScreenSaver ask for the password, the keyboard seems not recognized. In fact, it is partially. When I press any key, I see the interface reacting. When I press the Suspend/Resume function key the suspend/resume function is activated but the password cannot be entered. The only solution I have so far is hard reboot, which means that even if the resume function is now operational, it doesn’t change the situation.

So now, I’m with Qubes 4.1 and Kernel 6.0.7. I just upgrade to Fedora 37.

If someone can provide some hint so I can fix this and move forward

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