Keyboard, Mouse, Headphones - Open Source Options?

Hello, I’m looking to buy a keyboard and mouse which have open source firmware. I’ve heard a few mentioned here and there on the forum (like System76’s Launch keyboard), but I was hoping to gather some more recommendations if any of you have them? Thanks.

for keyboard (and mouse too but it not recommended): qmk

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I’ve heard that zsa makes keyboards with the qmk firmware. I think they have other open source tools (github). I’d also be interested in open headphones.

Good idea to add headphones - I’ve updated the title of this post.

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How about a general call towards hardware that empowers & defends the owner rather than that which serves another thru intent or negligence? Open source hardware movement exists, but I doubt that it receives much support.

A General google search query that produced B below as well as likely much more
B Open Source Hardware Association

There is also this:

Thanks @kysstfafm and @fsflover.

In addition to looking for things like: opensource hardware, open source software, and products that respect your freedom and privacy, I also think there’s value in hearing people’s own experience with products. Which actually work well, what features do they like, etc.?

Personally, I am not currently inclined at this time to do something like soldering to make a keyboard, for example, but I would welcome anyone’s recommendations (either parts or products) for the benefit of others, that follow some (or ideally all) of the principles mentioned above.