Keyboard Input not registering in any qubes

I have this EagleTec ET-KG011-RGB keyboard I was trying to get connected into a Disposable Windows VM Standalone Qube. What would be the proper procedure for getting some unknown/untrusted keyboard into a disposable vm, or just to use in general even and how to ensure it operates as expected?

Thanks for helping me understand, in advance. I am new to QubesOS and it is my first dedicated Linux installation. I have messed with Ubuntu as a kid and Kali for a short time, but otherwise I have no programming or Linux experience. Only what I’ve heard working with devs and programmers

Hi @sly0bvio, please take a look at two following references from the Qubes OS documentation:

  1. Security Warning On USB Input Devices
  2. USB keyboards.

Let us know if you have any additional questions or trouble.

Thanks for the prompt response! I am definitely going to be doing this shortly. Thanks for helping a newbie out!

Hey, what do you call a Novice on QubesOS?

A Qubie!

I am typing this on the keyboard attached to the new sys-usb qube I created, thanks to your direction. Thank you again!