Keyboard and mouse not workich before logging

After entering the password for the encrypted drive and before logging into the system, the keyboard and mouse are switched off. In boot.log I see that sys-net does not load.

Any tips on how to fix this?


 <domain id="domain-6" class="DispVM">
        <property name="autostart">True</property>
        <property name="dispid">797</property>
        <property name="label">red</property>
        <property name="maxmem">1500</property>
        <property name="memory">2500</property>
        <property name="name">sys-net</property>
        <property name="provides_network">True</property>
        <property name="qid">6</property>
        <property name="uuid">4d3649ae-e732-47ee-a143-d1bf4200584b</property>
        <property name="virt_mode">hvm</property>
        <property name="netvm"></property>
        <property name="template">debian-11-dvm</property>
        <feature name="menu-items">firefox.desktop xterm.desktop</feature>
        <feature name="appmenus-dispvm">1</feature>
        <feature name="servicevm">1</feature>
        <feature name="service.clocksync">1</feature>
      <devices class="pci">
        <device backend-domain="dom0" id="00_1d.0">
          <option name="no-strict-reset">True</option>
        <device backend-domain="dom0" id="00_19.0"/>
        <device backend-domain="dom0" id="00_1a.0">
          <option name="no-strict-reset">True</option>
        <device backend-domain="dom0" id="08_00.0">
          <option name="no-strict-reset">True</option>
      <devices class="block"/>
      <devices class="usb"/>
      <devices class="mic"/>
        <tag name="created-by-dom0"/>
        <tag name="audiovm-dom0"/>
        <tag name="guivm-dom0"/>
        <volume name="root" pool="vm-pool" vid="qubes_dom0/vm-sys-net-root" revisions_to_keep="2" rw="True" snap_on_start="True" size="10737418240" source="qubes_dom0/vm-default-mgmt-dvm-root"/>
        <volume name="private" pool="vm-pool" vid="qubes_dom0/vm-sys-net-private" revisions_to_keep="2" rw="True" snap_on_start="True" size="2147483648" source="qubes_dom0/vm-debian-11-dvm-private"/>
        <volume name="volatile" pool="vm-pool" vid="qubes_dom0/vm-sys-net-volatile" revisions_to_keep="2" rw="True" size="12884901888"/>
        <volume name="kernel" pool="linux-kernel" vid="5.15.103-1.fc32" revisions_to_keep="0"/>
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Add qubes.skip_autostart option to kernel cmdline in GRUB (at the end of ...rhgb quiet line). Then dom0 will start without sys-net autostarted and you can start sys-net manually and see what’s the problem with it. I can guess that some of your PCI devices passthrough is failing.
Autostart troubleshooting | Qubes OS

In my case, USB is supported by sys-net.

As you’ve said sys-net fails to load then you need to find out why is it failing.
As stated in the link above:

A PCI device assigned to an autostarting qube crashes the system (e.g., a GPU or RAID controller card).

Most probably this is your issue with sys-net. Start qubes with qubes.skip_autostart option and then it’ll be easier for you to fix your issue once you’ve booted in dom0.

I think that’s why I do not access the keyboard and mouse because sys-net does not load.

You’ll have access to your keyboard and mouse if you boot with qubes.skip_autostart option.

I did and there is still no access to mice and keyboard. When in debian-11-dvm I give debian-11 the mouse and keyboard work, but the qubes manager does not work.

Can you describe in more details what are you trying to do and what actions are your taking in trying to achive it?
I don’t understand what do you men when you say that you give debian-11 mouse and keyboard. And what exactly doesn’t work in the qubes manager.

Here I changed to debian-11 ```
<property name="template">debian-11-dvm</property>

Then the mouse and keyboard work.

But do not start qubes manager.

I can reinstall Qubes, but first I need to get to windows qubes to download my data from there. And this is impossible at the moment.