Kernel Module Blacklist Crash

Is there any particular reason a blacklisted kernel module could cause a hypervisor to crash?

How did you blacklist it?

I haven’t actually blacklisted anything in any configuration file. That’s why the behavior is so strange.

The kernel version is:


I don’t understand your question.
You had a hypervisor crash because of kernel module and this module was blacklisted (how do you know that?) but it wasn’t blacklisted by you?

The error message mentioned a xen module called xen-blkback kernel module.

It was not blacklisted by me. It may not be blacklisted but is causing a crash somehow. Systemd is also present in the error log.

It’s a Xen driver for virtual block devices. blk - block, back - back-end.

what kind of failed virtual block device mount could cause a crash?

Can you post the crash traceback?

I’m not sure which directory that would be in. That’s in a dom0 directory?

Check these files in dom0 terminal if it’s a hypervisor crash:
ls /var/log/xen/console/hypervisor.log*
And sudo journalctl in doom0 terminal.

So I should search for xen-blkback using a bash command? Can you give me an idea what the bash command should look like?

Something like this:

Ok so I switched the dom0 repo over to qubes-dom0-current-testing using the command:

sudo qubes-dom0-update --enablerepo=qubes-dom0-current-testing

It will be interesting to see if the testing repo is actually more stable than the “stable” repo.

If the testing repo is actually more stable; they might want to update the documentation to reflect that fact.