KeepassXC and paperbackup.html

I have keepassXC in my vault and tried to get a paperbackup for my record keeping.
I followed the instructions Export, then select HTML, then select where you want the file…I selected in Documents/paperbackup.html. Nothing happened.
Any thoughts on this will be appreciated.

Was the file not created? There’s no output from the command but the
file is still created (on my system).

The part of the instructions for creating the paperbackup that I didn’t know is this:

“Open paperback.html in your browser (for example, double-click in Finder/Explorer/file manager)”

I don’t have a browser in my vault so couldn’t do this. I just went to a folder I created in Files called paperbackup.html, but it was empty.

Has this been resolved?

Are you using Flatpak in any way, or just the KeepassXC that comes with the default vault qube? If you are running KeepassXC through flatpak, make sure that it has permissions granted to write to your target directory.

No, it hasn’t been resolved as yet. I am using the KeepassXC that came with the vault qube.

I tried export in several different qube configurations: debian-10-minimal, debian-11, and fedora-36, but couldn’t replicate the problem. I was able to view the html file in the Desktop folder and open it. So I’m stumped. Is there a keepassxc forum where one could ask this question? Otherwise, the only other question I can think of is the “is it plugged in?” question, or in this case try searching for the file in your file manager just to make sure it’s not there somewhere.

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Just wondering, do i need to use the browser in the process of exporting and retrieving?

I only have the option to import from csv, or older keepass databases, so I haven’t tried importing a keepassxc database in html format,. If the option exists for some installs, then I cannot imagine why a browser would be necessary. It’s definitely not necessary for export to html, which I have done.

I agree, it seems unusual to have to use the browser but when I googled how to get a paper copy that was in the instructions. I am a new user and haven’t got that much data in Qubes so I think I am going to do a reinstall as I don’t have a lot of confidence in my settings. Hopefully a number of small issues will be resolved. Thanks for your input…appreciate it.

Personally, I prefer to avoid such paper backup methods, since they rely on the assumption that the printer has not been compromised, which I have no way to verify.

You are probably correct. I don’t have that many private passwords that I can just write them down for paper backup. After doing a re-install all of the problems I had with the original install disappeared. Also, I was able to use the keepass backup… just because.