KeePass, One file multiple templates

WIth KeePass having a few different files for everything just bugs me and I don’t know why.

Is where a way to have the main KeePass file say in the vault and whenever I pullup KeePass on a VM that KeePass is able to grab that password file?

I think what you’re trying to do is have KeePass open in every Qube that you need to use it for, but there is a much better way of doing this that is both more secure and more convenient. You can have one instance of KeePass open in the vault and use the Qubes Global Clipboard to copy information from the vault to the destination Qube to sign into an account, for instance. The default keybinds for the Qubes Clipboard are Ctrl + Shift + C and Ctrl + Shift + V. You can read this article for more information: How to copy and paste text | Qubes OS

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Hey, thanks for the reply! I have thought about that and initially was doing that but using the integration of keepass and the Firefox extension is rather nice. I just wasn’t even sure if you can link or possibly take one file and “merge” it across multiple VM’s.

Oh so you want several keepass files to sync when you make changes? Perhaps it would be possible with syncthing or whatever but this introduces more risk.