Keep a git repository in sync between dom0 and an AppVm

I recently wrote how to use fossil in dom0 and sync it with a remote repository, but I was very curious to figure how to achieve this in git without using network (and nobody cares about fossil). It’s possible using git-bundle by exchanging artifacts using qvm-run :slight_smile:



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@tanky0u had the same idea for replicating data between qubes
You can also use git directly over qrexec.

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what do you mean?

I think he is refering to:

The primary use cases I see for this is for developing scripts for dom0, or installing things that have not been merged into the main qubes distribution yet (for example, things like As for developing scripts, you install your editor in a qube (not in dom0) and do your development of salt scripts or bash scripts that use qvm- commands there, then transfer them to dom0 to run them.

Thought it would be nice to mention why people may want to pull git repos to dom0. :slight_smile:

I write my salt scripts in dom0, try them and commit there :smiley:

I made a general solution for this:
(Sync git repositories through Qubes doms (VMs) (qubes-git-syncer))