KDE Taskbar Icons bugged


Some programs only show a generic lock symbol when I launch them.
That makes it difficult to navigate between running programs in my day to day life.

That’s how it looks like. Visual Studio Code does have an icon, as the KDE Menu Editor clearly shows. Yet it is not shown in the taskbar. Many programs suffer from this bug in all VMs.


After following this thread I figured it’s a known issue that many users have, and it currently has no good solution.

Perhaps a color boarder around each taskbar entry with the app icon and app name prioritized to the left. That would allow the user to immediately see the domain category and app at a glance. If it was only app icons, it would be too easy to lose track of the trust spectrum of active domains. At the end of the day, the domains are more relevant to security and Qubes functionality than individual apps.

Do you know how to se

Do you know where I can change the settings to this?

I don’t think it exists. It’s just an idea.