KDE Menu Flickering and Unusable

I recently installed the KDE desktop package group and excitedly launched my new desktop.

Unfortunately, after opening a web browser in an app vm, the desktop seems to have broken.

When try to open the application launcher, it seems to open as normal, but then when I type something in to look for an application, it visually freezes and flickers a bit, meaning that I cant see the results as I type my query in. If I type something correctly and I press enter, it does actually launch the correct application though.

When I try to alt tab, it works as expected, but the menu that pops up at the left showing me which window I’ve focused is completely frozen on the first window displayed when I alt tabbed, although other windows continue to cycle as I continue to press tab.

All KDE windows seem to have some sort of weird behavior as such, although my browser and all other applications work almost entirely as normal, with only very occasional flickering that might not even be related.

Unfortunately, although I’ve searched the internet far and wide, and changed compositor settings to no avail, I cant seem to find anyone with my issue. Help would be appreciated!

For reference, I’m using a librem 15 v3, which means that my CPU & graphics are coming from an intel i7-6500U, in case that might matter.

Trying to use KDE more, it does seem like the weird flickering on Chrome is from the same source, as it does not happen on XFCE.

This issue also makes certain menus (for example any scroll menus in the KDE settings manager) completely unusable. They are just statically frozen in the state that they originally display, any attempts to scroll dont respond visually at all.