Kali VM Template

When attempting to upgrade the Kali VM template following this article:

the last command, sudo apt dist-upgrade -y causes the VM to shutdown, but it will not boot back up

for some reason.

The error message is:

qrexec-daemon startup failed


connection to the daemon failed

and some other error messages:

domain dead | qrexec-daemon[65974]: qrexec-daemon.c:340:init: cannot connect to qrexec
agent: No such file or directory


and another:

mount: can’t read ‘/proc/mounts’: No such file or directory
/sbin/init: error while loading shared libraries: libsystemd-core-252.so: cannot open
shared object file: no such file or directory

failed to connect to gui-agent

Aren’t you the user formally known as knoppix who’s always posting the Christmas list of Xen/Qubes hardening stuff? This is like Qubes 101.

This is a very clear result of NOT holding the necessary qubes packages like this:

apt-mark hold qube-core-agent && apt dist-upgrade -y

There are a few other packages that have broken dependencies in addition to the ones you mentioned.

Even after having held those packages, it still produces a template which will not boot, and with the same

error message.

At a minimum, definitely want to hold qubes-core-qrexec as well.

Detailed error messages are a tad better …

I made a typo with qubes-core-qrexec; by accident put qubes-core-exec.

So after holding the packages, the VM boots, but it won’t launch a terminal; the logs, I mean there isn’t any sort of glaring error message, not like there was previously not having preserved the qubes packages.

Is this an issue with the template itself? I have tried using the template from qvm-template-gui and

qubes-template-kali-0:4.0.6-202106171816.rpm but not the template listed in the link


The templates listed there, at Index of /Templates_4.1; when installed seem to be missing key applications. There is a listing “Application missing in template!” next to each listed app. This is not a disk space issue.