Kali VM Networking

Can the Kali VM be properly networked? Is this done using the ‘advanced network configuration’ tool?

When this tool is launched, everything is greyed out. When kali is launched as a standalone VM it allows

for manual network settings to be set in the VM based on the qube network settings.

If you have installed kali as Standalone (PVH):

  1. Start kali

  2. Qube Manager → kali → settings → Basic → there you will find the required Network Settings (IP, Netmask, Gateway and Virtual DNS)make a notice

  3. Go to your kali Qube → right click on the Network Manager icon on the Task bar → configure a new connection using the noticed parameters

Would this network configuration work for using an external usb based wifi antenna?

The network settings at this point are completely independent of the type of a working connection to the Internet, which can be a connection via usb adapter, internal wifi adapter or wired connection.
Additional Info: Assuming you have you usb adapter connected to sys-net.

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