Kali HVM stuck on "booting from harddisk" when I attach "usb controller" pci. Boots fine when pci is detached

Hey guys, I have qubes R4.0.

So I have a working encrypted Kali hvm that I wanted to connect to Bluetooth. I attached the usb controller pci in the devices tab. But when the usb controller pci is attached, the vm will stay stuck on “booting from harddisk” on the bootup screen. But when I don’t have the usb pci attached. The hvm will boot up fine.

Here’s what I tried, I reset the usb controller pci via the reset button, ticked off include in-memory balance in settings, Increased memory, run in debug mode on, increased vcpu core.
but none of that worked. I remember some time ago, I attached the usb pci to this exact kali vm and it ran fine. I’m not sure what changed. I think I once had that same problem on my win7 hvm after installation. However, I can’t remember how I fixed it. It might have been “run in debug mode” that did it. I can’t really remember.

Something else I tried, but I think this is a story for another topic, was installing some of the qubes core packages like qubes-core-agent, qubes-core-qrexec, and qubes-core-networking on Kali hvm. I imported qubes signing keys and updated the apt source.list to point to the latest qubes bullseye debian repo. After that, the packages were installed successfully. However, I think there were more steps that I missed than just installing the packages cause after installing the packages mentioned above and rebooting the vm and successfully entering the correct cryptsetup disk decryption key. It even said decryption was successful. Then it just stayed stuck on the kali logo. I did create a backup before installing the qubes packages. So I was able to recover quickly. But I’m not sure why installing qubes packages interfered with the booting process. I feel the updating the grub.cfg was the step I missed. But I think this a question for another topic.

If anyone has some time to shed some light on any of the issues I have mentioned above. I’d really appreciate it.

Interested about a solution too