Just a few questions

Hello everyone ! I’m new at Qubes and I have a few question. Thanks to everyone that will take time to reply to my message !

The first question would be on the TemplateVM, I’m actually running AppVM correctly without having to start the templateVM, is that normal? That may be a dumb question, but i’m really new ( 4-5 days ago I make my first step on QubesOS. )

The second question would be, what’s your guys best settings/apps that need to be manually activated, and wich would improve my anonymity/security? I actually downloaded Anti-Evil-Made, I didn’t manually setup it but I think it’s automatic.

Another question would be, how do you guys setup local connection security? First of all I would like to know how to mitigate the wifi, so my pc stop asking all the wifi in the air if my wifi is here, but only connect by SSID. And I would like to know if there is a way to protect my pc from other peoples that can be on the same wifi?

That may help me alot, again, thanks to everyone that will spend time to reply me, bye.

You need not run the TemplateVM to run the AppVM.

In fact once the template is set up there’s really no reason to ever run it (except, of course, that it will run to do updates; but that’s a largely automated process). You install software on it, you run that software on the AppVM (or disposable, as the case may be).

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