Issues with update and template manager

cool. Thanks.

Im having some issues with the update and template manager GUIs.

some context: Im switching from a fedora 37 based sys-vpn thats using openvpn to a debian 12 minimal thats using wireguard. I’ve checked internet connectivity using dvm and the new configs are working great. Much better speed/latency etc.

Ive updated the global configs to run the updates through my new wireguard sys vpn. However, not all the updates are successful. Some of the templates get errors.

for dom0 i get errors such as: command systemd-run failed with return code: 127

Using template manager i get the following:

failed to fetch template list: [Qrexec] ERROR: qrexec call 'qubes.Templatesearch' failed.

Didnt have any of these errors before. When i switch back to my fedora openvpn sys vpn, it all works normally

I don’t think it’s related to the VPN at all

is there a specific qubes-core-agent package im missing?

This deserves it’s own thread.

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i have fixed this.

seems i have missed one of the important qubes-core-agent packages.


Solved the issue for debian 12 minimal