Issues with mirage-firewall


I have some issues with installing the latest release of mirage-firewall on Qubes 4.1.
The steps which I followed are described are here
When I try to start the mirage-firewall I get the issue check libxl-driver.log for details.
mf error

After closing the dialog the vm stays in the yellow state.
It seems there is an issue with the manager as it thinks the vm is still active somehow.
I can click on Kill or Shutdown but I get then the error message “Domain is powered off”.
When I restart Qubes Manager the yellow status of the vm is gone.

The log file contains the following lines:
2020-11-13 10:59:04.129+0000: xc: panic: xc_dom_elfloader.c:64: xc_dom_guest_type: image not capable of booting inside a HVM container: Invalid kernel
2020-11-13 10:59:04.129+0000: libxl: libxl_dom.c:578:libxl__build_dom: xc_dom_parse_image failed
2020-11-13 10:59:04.129+0000: libxl: libxl_create.c:1617:domcreate_rebuild_done: Domain 4:cannot (re-)build domain: -3

Does anyone has solved this issue?
In the vm setting I see that the mirage-firewall should run in pvh mode and not hvm?
I can start the vm when I use the PV mode.

Would it be possible to include the libxl driver log in the context menu for logs?
This would make it easier to check the log file.
md cm

Note : for virt_mode , use pv instead of pvh

Did you do this part? :slight_smile:
I had the same issue until I discovered that mistake.
You wount be able to restart it from qubes manager in the current state (yellow dot), but if you click “start qube” from the “Applications Menu” it’ll work.

Thanks, I didn’t see that note