Issues With Kde

Hello Everyone I Tried To Install Kde Using Documents in The Website By Run This Command

sudo qubes-dom0-update @kde-desktop-qubes

the files are downloaded But an Error showed at the end…

Module or Group “kde-desktop-qubes” is not available

I’m using The latest Version of qube 4.1

So you just need to run this:

  • sudo-qubes-dom0-update @kde-desktop-qubes

And then run this:

  • sudo dnf install plasma-workspace

i install it But Have some feature broken Like

the icon Of Wireless. is gone And When I try To get

Some Theme It’s gave Me Error (Get theme online

from The Store)

Since dom0 does not have direct network access, themes would need to be installed in a dom0 terminal using either:

  • sudo-qubes-dom0-update


  • sudo dnf install

In this way, your default firewall qube will download the packages you want and send them to your dom0 to be installed. So you just need to find the package names of the themes you want and then install them with one of the above commands.

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This is a known bug.

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