Issues navigating the new Qubes Menu (qubes-app-menu) by keyboard/triggering the Qubes menu with a keyboard shortcut

I have issues/bugs trying to use the new (fantastic) Qubes Menu that is included in 4.2

I am trying to configure things so that I can spawn and navigate the menu by keyboard only.

I am triggering the menu with a keyboard shortcut (based on this post which accidentally provided help with that):

Following that, I added a keyboard shortcut:
gdbus call --session --dest org.qubesos.appmenu --object-path "/org/qubesos/appmenu" --method org.freedesktop.Application.Activate "{}"

Which works to spawn the menu under the mouse (is there a way to have it open from the taskbar?)

I encounter a lot of bugs/issues trying to navigate the menu by keyboard this way. Sometimes the focus won’t go to keyboard control, seemingly depending on what part of the menu the mouse happens to be over. Or, the focus can become “trapped” under the mouse if I navigate by keyboard to an item under the mouse. It’s not super consistent, so I’m not sure I can provide a clear bug report (although maybe that’s where I should be sent?).

Any general advice for configuring the Qubes Menu to be called and controlled by keyboard?


Put the code in the linked post into a file in dom0:

Don’t forget to make it executable (chmod +x filename).
Then set up a keyboard shortcut to call the script (simple full path reference should suffice).

This will open the app menu in the top left corner as if you clicked on the Qubes icon there (in fact, the script does exactly that with xdotool) and if the mouse is in the area where the app menu will spawn it moves it out of the way a bit in order to prevent triggering the issue that the above comment is under.
Note that you should adjust the numerical values in the script if you’re not using a 1080p resolution on your screen, as the linked comment states.