Issue shutdown when lid closed

I get this

Hibernation is generally not supported on QubesOS. Try setting the sleep mode to Standby instead in your Power Manager.

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I look at for most secure
my device when shutdown has encrypted
I want it`s encrypted when I close lid’s

Well, again, hibernate is not supported, so you can simply shut down the device completely before you close the lid.

I don’t think there’s QubesOS support right now for some kind of luksSuspend on standby with new mounting upon resume, but I could be mistaken.

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you right, thanks @Bearillo :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wish it did tho

imo i don’t understand lid-close-shutdown/hibernate
either you are going to shut down or not
not maybe
just shut the eff down?
pretty please?

You never had to lid-close your thinkpad, put it into your backpack, and move around the campus?

You never had to quickly suspend your work on your computer, close the lid, and a few minutes later settle down on a cafe/workspace and resume your working?

QubesOS is simply tooooooo slow in boot-up and shutdown times. It literally takes me minutes to boot-up QubesOS and be ready to work. Shutting it down, also takes around a minute for me.

This is simply not suitable for during-the-day pauses to your work, in which you have to switch locations, and then continue your work.

That’s why hibernate is useful. It hangs your existing work, powers-down the computer as much as it can (so it doesn’t drain your battery and heat up inside your backpack), and quickly resumes your work-flow when you open back up your laptop lid.

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you right suspend is more productively but when laptop is shutdown I have more information security points with full Encryption

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I definitely had to do that several times
but i like you as anybody else to take a deep breath and pause