Issue Installing Windows on Qubes: Won’t Show on The Screen

I am new here any body help me to install QWT in windows i tried both win7 and win 10 but after install QWT win10 not showing any screen but its green in qubes manager i tried many times please help me out where i am doing wrong

(made the title more specific about the issue)

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Open the second pane of Settings for the VM & disable seamless mode :slight_smile:

In a dom0 terminal, enter qvm-features <VMname> gui 1 and qvm-features <VMname> gui-emulated 1, where <VMname>is the name of your Windows VM. After the next start, the VM should be displayed.

You may also display the running VM via the command qvm-start-gui <VMname>.

Hope this helps!

Hi brainhack
I could nt find such setting in qubes vm settings can you please more specify it

Hello Gweck Thanks for your precious time
I try this out
But one problem is this when i reboot windows after install xenbus and xenvbd driver qubes never shut down and i have to kill it and when windows starts again drivers installed and shown in programmes is this thing is fine ?

Difficult to say - some Windows installations behave differntly, but normally, after one or two (possibly forced) reboots, the system should be fine.

Thanks Gweck
I installed it
Your time is much appreciated !!

One issue is now win10 vm kills/halted automatically after some minutes can you please help me out in this too

The VM may be killed if qvm-features <VMname> qrexec is set to 1 and qrexec is not working, e.g. no file transfer to/from another VM is possible. That means that QWT is not running correctly. The time until the VM is killed is determined by the parameter qvm-prefs <VMname> qrexec_timeout. If it takes longer than that - I don’t know…

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I think its fixed and it was because i wrongly checked on include in memory balancing ! Thank You for support