ISO build for Qubes 4.1 is broken (ELF: Not an ELF binary)

I managed to build 4.1 using fc32 and kernel master. However, when trying to install the ISO (bare metal or under a test KVM), it results in a fatal error after selecting any option from the boot menu selections.

(xen) ELF: Not an ELF binary
Panic on CPU 0:
could not construct domain 0

Exact same issue as qubes-builder not resulting in clean iso, (xen) ELF: Not an ELF binary which has received no attention.

I’m using a Ryzen Pro 4750G.
I built the ISO several times using fc33 and fc32. No luck at all.

Does anybody have any input here? There’s not even much general/non-qubes insight about this problem.
The earlier kernels (prebuilt builds) for 4.1 testing work fine on my hardware, except for audio over HDMI, which is kind of important, and I was hoping the newer kernels would fix.

I’ve got the same problem. I have built exactly the same configuration (after having the same problem with “–releasever” as xmpriv), and now I get the same error.

I would appreciate any help, too.

Still at a loss on this one. Anybody with any ideas? @marmarek?