Is This VPN Setup Correct? (work→sys-vpn→sys-firewall→sys-net)

So am i correct in this networking scheme when setting up my “vpn”??
(work/personal/misc domains) > sys-vpn > sys-firewall > sts-net = ClearNet access (youtube,duckduckgo…etc)

Next questions…
Can anyone tell what vpn service you are using?
If so how could they?

Can anyone tell what vpn service you are using?

Hi @B_ryr this is a typical “All Around Qubes” question that is kind of off-topic (because not Qubes OS specific), but still interesting to pretty much everyone using Qubes OS. For this purpose we have created the respective category, and since you are trust level 2 you can participate in it.

Some time ago I started this thread, which has grown a lot and is not yet concluded. It appears you have some reading to do :wink:


Thank you, i will check out the thread…

That’s how I have it though I’m debating about the effectiveness of making the sysVM disposable. It’s kind of a nice piece of mind knowing or believing it’s a clean slate on every restart.

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@deeplow as you like