Is Thinkpad T420 i7-2620M compatible?

Hello. I checked the hardware compatibility list. But I didn’t see the Thinkpad T420 in the list broken down across its available CPU models. The list only gives a generic “Thinkpad T420” row.

Since I don’t want to pull the trigger and buy such a machine only to end up with it being incompatible, I would like to know,

has somebody run QubesOS on a Thinkpad T420 with i7-2620M CPU?

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As long as the CPU supports VT-d with EPT and VT-x (it seems like the CPU you mentioned does), it should work just fine

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Ah, I should’ve checked reddit! Thanks.

Edit: the reddit post says that the model is i5-2520M. So, that’s not the model I was asking.

Thanks. That’s a more thorough answer!

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google bad

Thinkpad T420 with i7-2620M

It appears we only have reports for R1 and R2B1 from the actual core developers. Since then nothing. Yes the i7-2620M supports VT-d but that doesn’t tell you whether the other hardware (ethernet, wifi, sound) will work.

Chances are pretty good due to the age of the hardware that things will go smoothly, but there is no guarantee.

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