Is there anything special about default sys-whonix?

I would like to make a fresh sys-whonix but I wonder if I delete sys-whonix and then make a new sys-whonix am I messing things up? Is there anything special about the sys-whonix that the system creates for me? I don’t know much about salt but is it somehow “tied” to the default sys-whonix?

Thank you.

I don’t know but you can try. Make the new whonix & set all your whonix vm’s to use it instead. If it works fine then you can safely delete sys-whonix

It has to be named sys-whonix, according to my experience, and it’s not about Qubes only (policies, etc which can be adapted) but about whonix-ws-16.

If it’s just for browsing tor you should be fine with a renamed sys-whonix. Not sure about updating (try updating the policy in /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.UpdatesProxy).

Furthermore if you recreate it, your entry guard will change.

Did you try it or you assume? Because as far as I can remember I couldn’t browse with torbrowser in whonix-based dispVM recently with sys-whonix renamed.

No assumptions, it works.

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