Is there any way to move data with usb drives from hvm qubes?

I tried to use a usb drive to move data from hvm qubes but it didn’t work does qubes not support that?

You need to enable stubdom-qrexec for your HVM qube without Qubes OS tools installed to be able to attach USB devices to it:

 qvm-features YourQubeName stubdom-qrexec 1 
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Why is it disabled by default?

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I guess by default Qubes OS expects for qubes to have Qubes OS tools installed.
Also maybe because it’s experimental:

Windows USB integration with R4.1
qvm-features – manage domain’s features — Qubes Admin client v4.2.14-0-g0572987-dirty documentation

Is there a trust factor in this experimental feature?

What do you mean specifically?

Could that open a door that is what i mean a security vulnerability. Now of course no 100 line virus will be able to penetrate that but a more sophisticated malware maybe? I want to take as little risk as possible becuase this is a company computer, (not mine)

No idea, it’s better to ask this from qemu devs:
The note about this feature being experimental was added 19 years ago and I don’t know what’s its current status:

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