Is there a way to unbind Qubes time from bios?

Since I have dual boot system (Qubes to test + Windows) it messes up my bios time if I change time in one of the OSes. Even worse that Windows changes bios time if you just change the time inside Windows itself. Why the heck they bound Windows to the bios time so tight?! I didn’t find the way to unbind it. Because of this I have either always to have incorrect time in Windows or always set the correct time before or after an OS start. Maybe there is a way to unbind Qubes from bios time or you know a way to do this for Windows? Already found that some bioses have special setting that disables time syncing with OS but my bios has no such feature. The only hope left for some special command for both Qubes or Windows terminal. Otherwise I will either have to constantly adjust the time manually, or refuse to adjust Qubes to the UTC time zone.


And then Windows will be configured to the utc time zone and will show utc time? If this is the point then this is not what I meant. Or this way I can then set any time to Windows without it affecting bios configuration?
Otherwise I could just set utc time in bios and Windows would tune in for that time. But I wanted Windows to show local time. It would be possibile to do If Windows did not reconfigure the time of the bios while adjusting its own time.

Specifically, any local timezone that you configure in Windows will no longer affect the hardware time, because Windows will become aware that the hardware time is intended to be kept in UTC.

It will.

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It worked. Big thank. How can I mark this answer as solution? Seems it had that button before but now there isn’t any.