Is there a way to assign a keyboard shortcut to move the window-in-focus between monitors?

Hi, I’m new to qubes and I’ve gone through some discussions and made qubes more keyboard friendly using scripts… Now it would be handy if I could move the window in focus between monitors… Has anyone done it yet or can anyone help me with it…?
I think the challenge here is to figure out “which monitor the window is on”…

System Settings → Windows Manager → Move window to left/right workspace

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Workspaces are not the same as monitors, though…I don’t think there’s a readily available Xfce mechanism to move a window onto a different monitor (if used in expand mode), but you could write a script that makes use of xdotool windowmove x y (see man xdotool in dom0) to achieve this for your default setup.

To get the window’s current coordinates use xdotool getwindowgeometry --shell windowID, which will store x and y coordinates in $X and $Y automatically. You can get the windowID of the window in focus by executing xdotool getwindowfocus in the same script.


You can use wmctrl and xdotool to do it, you use window=$(printf '0x0%x' $(xdotool getwindowfocus)) to get the focused window, and then you move it with wmctrl.

Here is some info on how to work with the window


xdotool windowmove is indeed what I’ve been looking for …